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25 Jun 2018

mobiliario clásico


The Belle Époque was much more than a historical period of happy years between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and the beginning of the First World War of 1914. They were years that marked a whole era and the influence of this period has survived up to the 21st century, with classic furniture proposals that have preserved their sophisticated and exclusive essence.

Our Ritz collection is inspired precisely by the premises and values of César Ritz, the promoter and creator of the luxury hotels that defined an unparalleled lifestyle and aesthetics.


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20 Jun 2018

muebles artesanales

If it is true that music and nice words make plants more beautiful, it is highly likely that the work done with tender loving care will always get even better results. When it comes to Soher; the result of this painstaking manual work is our furniture. Handcrafted furniture of intoxicating beauty and unquestionable quality that are our distinguishing features.

Defining exactly where the light of the inspiration comes from is almost an impossible mission although what is absolutely certain is that in the team of Soher creators this spark of creativity has lit up on many occasions. Proof of this is the handcrafted, high quality decor pieces of furniture that are included in our catalogue.

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muebles y alta decoración


The sophistication of classic Hollywood impregnates the Savoy collection with its light tones, exotic woods, rich upholsteries and glossy lacquers that make the living room an oasis of warmth, elegance and, at the same time, freshness. Furniture and high-end decoration that fully transmit the beauty and quality that define all the creations of Soher.

The apparent chromatic neutrality of the line speaks for its versatility, suiting it to all kinds of exclusive spaces to which it transmits the glamour and sensuality of the golden age of Hollywood which is perceptible in the singular use of wood in the design of sofas and armchairs.


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Soher-Muebles-Exclusivos-RITZ copy

Ritz represents sophisticated luxury furniture, exclusivity, good taste and personalised attention. And it shares the philosophy and values of César Ritz, whose surname became synonymous with luxury hotels for the most discerning clients.

Ritz was a pioneer in the installation of bathrooms in hotel rooms, a revolutionary initiative that was considered, at the time, the height of comfort and exclusivity. His seal of identity consisted of luxury furniture and high-class decoration which included the best woods, gilded mirrors and details in bronze.

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27 Apr 2018


Avant-garde aesthetics permeate the Metropolis collection, a line of high-end furniture inspired by the film of the same name that became the greatest exponent of German expressionism in the 1920s.

The futurist style based on art deco principles imagined by Fritz Lang takes shape in this collection, defined by walnut wood, leather and bronze decorations.

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27 Apr 2018

We have returned from the Salone del Mobile in Milan with a suitcase full of experiences and new ideas, thanks to all of you who offered us your time, your interest and your friendship.

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SOHER-Milan2018_1024x768 BLANCA

This April we have a new appointment with the iSaloni 2018, in Milan, the leading international design and furnishing event for the furniture sector that we contribute to each year with our dedication and know-how about top class luxury furniture.

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Muebles exclusivos-Earth-Collection


We are delighted to present our Earth collection, an exclusive line of furniture inspired by the details and splendour of nature.

Top-quality materials combined with a timeless design to create items of high-end decoration that convert the living room or dining room into an oasis of sumptuous sophistication and unmistakable aesthetics.

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22 Feb 2018

Soher Figuras Bronce Decoracion Chica


It was used to give form to Donatello’s David in the Renaissance and to create the figures that lent sumptuousness to the splendid salons of the Sun King’s Versailles. In the hands of craftsmen and sculptors, bronze – an alloy of copper and tin – became the essence of art. Read more!

Soher -Astoria-Muebles de Lujo-Dining-set

We are delighted to be able to present one of our latest additions to the catalogue: Astoria, a collection inspired by art deco that conveys sophistication and exquisiteness in the bedroom, the living room and the dining room.­

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