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15 Mar 2019


A hotel room is much more than a space for resting. It is the place we return to after spending a long day away from home, whether a hard day’s work or a few hours of leisure. It is a home away from home, that welcomes us. The rooms are the soul of the hotel and equipping them with furniture of the highest quality is key to achieving the desired satisfaction of the guest.

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21 Feb 2019



If you are considering giving your home a makeover, with decorative items that complement your dining room suite, we recommend that you follow the advice below to avoid making the wrong choice and to ensure that your luxury furniture shines with more splendour than ever.

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31 Jan 2019


This is an auspicious time for Chinese culture. In just a few days celebrations will begin for Chinese New Year, one of the most important and emotive festivals for the Asian giant, and the protagonist this year is the zodiac sign of the Pig.

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18 Jan 2019

The Sun King’s Versailles, Empress Sisi’s Schönbrunn Palace, The Royal Palace of Madrid. Places and eras that evoke an intangible and seductive sensation. A noble sensation which has now been blended with the spirit of the 21st century in our Palace collection: furniture for the dining room, living room and bedroom which brings its aristocratic aura to the home.

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02 Jan 2019

diseño de interiores

Each New Year arrives like a breath of fresh air. The desire to change, to improve and to find ourselves. Our home is a reflection of who we are. That’s why its interior design needs to evolve and adapt to the person we are becoming, with every day that goes by. While at the same time preserving our essence.

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03 Dec 2018

decoración de ambientes

Evocative, suggestive, unique. Words form our collective imagination and give shape to the world around us. Our work goes much further than designing and producing furniture for the decoration of ambiences, finding the specific, appropriate name which manages to transmit all the care that we apply to every piece of furniture and reflect its outstanding qualities.

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27 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018

Our exclusive distributor in Taiwan, with whom we have maintained a close relationship for over thirty years, has just inaugurated a new showroom space in the heart of Taipei (Taiwan). An environment of matchless splendour where all our creations shine as never before, ready for the visits of influencers and customers who seek excellently-made designer furniture.

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07 Nov 2018


muebles artesanales

The Savoy bedroom suite is the new proposal by Soher for rest spaces. A collection of traditionally-made furniture crafted from the most exclusive materials and a design that combines balanced forms to define a bedroom of great distinction and elegance.

The main feature is a wraparound headboard, made from Brazilian ironwood veneer and, therefore, of very high quality. This wood takes the lead in the new collection and gives its own character to this design which is complemented by bedside tables, stools and dressing tables with metal feet, with the option of gold plating to provide an unmistakable touch of distinction.

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27 Sep 2018

Valencia has once again been a nearby setting with a great future in which to show our classic and contemporary design collections. With two spaces at the fair to show our collections, we have found, as in other years, a meeting place for industry, customers and influencers. 

Our Savoy collection, which has been expanded with the presentation of the new bedroom, has been very well received, as have the two new sitting room collections. Ritz, in the dining room and bedroom, has also once again been given a warm welcome.

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