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Brand Values


Luxury, elegance and uniqueness


Since the beginning Soher has been dedicated to interior decorations, following a particular code of elegance and distinction. Its luxurious furniture creates the ideal atmosphere, filled with unique details that highlight the beauty and quality of the product.

It converts your home into a truly glamorous paradise. With a known mix of elegance, refinement and passion, Soher continuously strives to achieve a majestical environment through its huge range of fascinatingly decorative pieces of furniture, made by hand, using only products of the highest quality.

Through the use of ancient techniques of craftsmanship, its craftsmen create the most luxurious interior pieces in the world, transforming everyday objects into true works of art. The sophistication of their designs and the desire they have to create a work well-done is the basis of their daily success and thanks to this philosophy, they have created some of the most exquisite homes in the world.

Fill your house with glamour. Fill your home with Soher