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Clocks, much more than the guardians of time

30 Apr 2019

Clocks are one of the seals of identity of Soher. They defined our early days and laid the foundations for our style, our evolution and the company we are today.

Measuring time has been a consubstantial need of the human being since prehistory. An awareness of the rhythm of the passing day and of the seasons was crucial for survival, for hunting and for agriculture and this practical concern led to the first rudimentary calendars.

Technical evolution enabled the development of more precise mechanisms to determine the passing of time. From the Egyptian water clock – a recipient that emptied at regular intervals – to the oriental sundial of the first millennium before Christ and the hourglass of the 13th century, this desire to measure time found a response in the mechanisms inherent to every era.




The first major breakthrough with regard to accuracy was the invention of the pendulum clock in the 17th century, which subsequently incorporated the minute hand and a century later managed to evolve into the watch.

But these precision mechanisms found a new, decorative and distinguished character in table top clocks, which became jewels and cult objects, able to attract the attention of all those who entered a room.

These high-end decorative clocks were present in the origins of Soher and can be found in our catalogue, which includes a range of exclusive proposals for luxury furniture and decorative objects.




Placed on a sideboard, a mantelpiece, an occasional table, a dining table or a windowsill, clocks provide style and distinction to any home, hotel room or contract space. And, of course, they show the time with precision.

Soher’s clocks are inspired by nature and classical sculpture to create works of art that are able to play a leading role anywhere in the home, from the living and dining room to the bedroom, through the hall, the passage, the sitting room and even the kitchen. And, thanks to their materials and finishes in precious metals, they do so without losing an instant of beauty and good taste, ensuring that we always arrive on time.

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