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Soher incorporates elegance, reliability and sophistication into every project.

Superb offices, classic furniture with undeniable beauty, luxuriously decorative products… We ensure that every element conveys the sophistication, beauty and reliability that our clients require.

Throughout its past, Soher has participated in the decoration of many private and public projects, such as hotels, houses, presidential offices and embassies in every continent. Soher’s vast experience with interior design is a guarantee to its efficiency, quality and distinctiveness.

Our wide collection of furniture and decorations make it possible to create exclusive designs for each client. We pay attention to the particular needs of each of our clients (special measurements, desired results…), as well as a having a strict control on the agreed deadlines, in order to avoid going over the time. Our objective is that our clients will be satisfied with every experience they have with Soher and that the final product creates a beautiful home for our clients.