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Occasional furniture for the sitting room. Choose your style, choose your essence

16 May 2019

muebles auxiliares de salón

The essence of a home is in the details. And our choice of occasional furniture for the sitting room may represent a declaration of aesthetic intentions that imbues the room with exclusivity and distinction.

At Soher we know that every piece of furniture and every element counts and that each item must have a singular personality that harmonises with that of the space as a whole. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing occasional furniture for the sitting room, we opt for opulent materials, high-quality manufacturing processes and details that mark the difference.

Design, functionality and an essence of luxury come together to create timeless pieces of furniture, with noble traits that will successfully overcome the test of time, and which will be very practical wherever they are placed.

This flexibility is desirable in order to obtain the full benefit of the qualities of occasional furniture for the sitting room, such as the pieces included in our Palace and Savoy collections, which make any home an oasis of sophistication.



Whether coffee tables, sideboards, display cabinets or mirrors, each and every one of these pieces has been designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and aesthetics, making each one a luxury object. All together, they transmit a sensation of wellbeing to those with whom we share a cup of tea or a friendly conversation in our living room.

Good company is always the essential premise of unforgettable moments. But it is also important to spend time with our loved ones in ambiences that inspire us and invite us to give off our best. And this is achieved in homes that convey the values of Soher.

When selecting furniture, it is fundamental to think about the use of every space and of every piece and to maintain the same aesthetic presence throughout the home.  Therefore, at Soher we have a varied and, at the same time, complementary catalogue that includes lines for the living and dining room and the bedroom and an exclusive collection of decorative elements, including clocks and bronze figures that are true works of art.

Beginning with the raw material, our seal of quality is unquestionable. Woods such as ebony, hand carved reliefs, mother of pearl, leather, gold and silver leaf finishes and intricate marqueteries provide nobility to every one of our creations.


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