Soher’s luxury furniture in I Saloni Worldwide Moscow | Soher – Handmade Luxury Interiors


26 Oct 2015

Soher’s luxury furniture comes back to dazzle an international audience at the I Saloni Worldwide show in Moscow.

 Between the 14th and 18th October, Moscow suits up to receive the manufacturers and the designers of luxury furniture and high-end decoration in one of the most important trade fairs in the world.

 Soher returns from the Russian capital with a sweet taste in their mouth. Their collections have left an enduring mark on the Moscow trade fair of interior design and high-end decoration.

 Soher’s stand has been a magnet, drawing in astonished looks, establishing itself as a must-see for lovers of luxury in the Crocus Expo-2 section.

Soher’s luxury furniture in I Saloni Worldwide Moscow

 If in 2014 Soher excelled in I Saloni Worldwide with its luxury environments, this year the company definitely repeated its irrefutable success.

A reaction, other than awe, couldn’t have be anticipated, due to the combination of ebony and other hardwood details (from Swarovski) of the Panther collection, a contemporary look, reminiscent of Art Deco; or the refined inlays and finishes of gold & silver in the Equus collection, inspired by the elegance and grace of the dressage horse.

With their appearance in I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 2015 known, Soher re-affirms its strong presence and recognition of the Russian public, educated like none in the taste of exclusivity and elegance.