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Savoy, Hollywood-style furniture and high-end decoration

muebles y alta decoración


The sophistication of classic Hollywood impregnates the Savoy collection with its light tones, exotic woods, rich upholsteries and glossy lacquers that make the living room an oasis of warmth, elegance and, at the same time, freshness. Furniture and high-end decoration that fully transmit the beauty and quality that define all the creations of Soher.

The apparent chromatic neutrality of the line speaks for its versatility, suiting it to all kinds of exclusive spaces to which it transmits the glamour and sensuality of the golden age of Hollywood which is perceptible in the singular use of wood in the design of sofas and armchairs.


muebles y alta decoración


Exquisite art deco style details and handcrafted pieces of high-end decoration are in perfect harmony with the golden gleam of the furniture, especially the intricate golden bases of the tables in the Savoy collection, some of the most exquisite pieces of occasional furniture of the company’s catalogue.

The tables are available with leather or natural stone surfaces, in line with the contemporary interior design trends that in Soher we combine with the highest standards in fine woodworking and handcrafted techniques, which provide our furniture with an unmistakable halo of elegance.

Savoy, which establishes its own codes of elegance and distinction, is available in different woods and lacquers and manages to create exceptional and exclusive ambiences thanks to the stimulating consensus of curves and straight lines, creating decorative designs that always attract attention.


muebles y alta decoración


With its range of possibilities, this collection of furniture and high-end decoration manages to turn the living room into an impeccable and luxurious space, providing an air of renewal to the décor of all kinds of rooms. Side tables and coffee tables join forces with sofas and armchairs inspired by art deco with avant-garde lines that inspire serenity, comfort and calm.

This line of luxury furniture shares the values that Soher transmits to each one of its creations, whether bronze sculptures, sofas, headboards, display cabinets or dining chairs and tables: quality materials, durability, exclusive design, top-class craftsmanship and an unalterable commitment to customer satisfaction.


muebles y alta decoración

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