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The Ritz Collection, luxury furniture reminiscent of the Belle Époque

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Ritz represents sophisticated luxury furniture, exclusivity, good taste and personalised attention. And it shares the philosophy and values of César Ritz, whose surname became synonymous with luxury hotels for the most discerning clients.

Ritz was a pioneer in the installation of bathrooms in hotel rooms, a revolutionary initiative that was considered, at the time, the height of comfort and exclusivity. His seal of identity consisted of luxury furniture and high-class decoration which included the best woods, gilded mirrors and details in bronze.



This elegant style spread to the homes of the nobility and became one of the greatest architectural and decorative exponents of the Belle Époque.

At Soher we share the principles of Ritz hotels with regard to our refined taste and the personal attention we give our customers. Thus, our Ritz collection comprises exclusive pieces of luxury furniture, of the highest quality and handmade by our master craftsmen.

Our flexible and customised way of working allows us to adapt this high-end furniture to the needs and tastes of our customers, designing specific decorative projects.



Our Ritz collection pays homage to the essence and sophistication of the hotels of the same name. Made from American walnut root veneer, beautiful marquetry and gilded carved wood, this line of luxury furniture succeeds in imbuing living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, around the world, with the magnificence of the decoration of the Belle Époque.

At Soher, we identify with the figure of César Ritz not only for his style, but also for his entrepreneurial nature and his indomitable spirit, beyond the reach of discouragement, always in search of the exceptional.

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