A luxurious office: the true temple for work

The office is one of the most important spaces in the life of a person with a senior position. At Soher, its concept integrates the whole luxury ingredients from fine decoration with the comfort and functionality that a place devoted to work deserves.

Elegance, quality, strength, dynamism… Those are the values that make Equus collection, inspired in the dressage horse. Equus integrates this new Soher’s composition, destined to become the office of outstanding people, senior officials and luxury lovers, who wish to enjoy a privileged area to do their business.

luxury office furniture

The office is the temple of work. A sanctuary for calmness and concentration. It is the place at which great decisions are taken to shape the fate of businesses and men. Is there a better room to dress up in dignity and nobleness?


Equus collection’s composition suggests the graceful and slender lines of the noble horse breed. This is an inspiration source to which Art Deco’s concepts are added and influence these elegant furniture, which has been handcrafted by artisan hands of Soher.


mesa de despacho muebles de lujo

The magnificient office table combines a genuine style with noble materials, such as ebony and maple woods. The same principles under which our cabinet makers created the majestic display cabinet  are at work. It adds the necessary functionality in work environments and allows room for books, important documents, trophies or even some of the emblematic Soher’s bronze figures.


Office Chair luxury furniture and decoration

The executive chair made in white leather, transmits solemnity and style in its design. It is perfect for enterpreneurs or high-dignity personalities who need calm meditation and reflection.


Luxury furniture Office Chairs

And to top it all, two beautiful visitor chairs to offer a design and comfort experience in interviews and meetings with partners, clients or guests.

The result is an atmosphere which reflects the enterprising spirit and hard work that has always characterized Soher. A luxurious office created to inspire talent and creativity in businesses.