Belle Époque of the XXI Century

Inspired by the splendour and the finesse of the brilliant period at the end of the XIX century

One of Soher’s luxury furniture collections that awakens the most admiration in international events is the displayed Belle Époque. Milan, Dubai or Moscow are come of the cities where this successful piece of furniture has been presented, that has also formed part of the most outstanding decoration projects in which Soher have participated. For example, the 2012 remodelling of the Governor of Jedda’s palace, and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, with multiple pieces of the collection.

Belle Epoque muebles de lujo

Nineteenth century’s Belle Époque in Europe allowed an artistic and cultural development that Soher want to capture with this collection, with its sophistication, refinement and modernity.

Without doubt, the pieces in the Belle Époque collection Rank among the best luxury furniture that can currently be found on the market. They are hand-crafted from lacquered hardwood combined with gold or silver detail, intriguing prints and leather.