animales en bronce

Bronze as an objet d’art

animales_en _bronce

The history of art is indissolubly linked to bronze, as an artistic material and as a source of inspiration. And like art, the history de Soher would not be the same without it. Bronze animals are one of the distinguishing features of our line of decorative elements for the home and contract spaces.

Powerful bulls, noble horses, elegant eagles, proud deer and fierce lions that reveal all their beauty in every detail, in every finish and in every line of their design. Bronze animals that live together in our collection with delicate nymphs and hardened warriors and which provide an unmistakable seal of distinction to every room they inhabit.

Over the decades, in the hands of the craftsmen who form part of the Soher team, this material, hard and ductile at the same time, has been transformed into truly artistic objects. Iconic pieces that become the centre of attention, the focal point of the room.


animales en bronce


Bronze animals and human figures that seem to be on the point of coming to life, setting off at a gallop or trumpeting. Such is the delicacy and realism of all their details and the sensuality of their finishes which manage to bestow incomparable vitality on every piece.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our master craftsmen, bronze is transformed into decorative elements such as candlesticks, lamps and clocks, aesthetically in keeping with the nobility and exclusivity transmitted by our bronze sculptures, figures worked one by one, with patience and loving care. And always by hand, according to traditional craftwork techniques that provide every piece with the value of a job well done.

Bronze animals inspired by nature but also by Art Deco and Art Nouveau. It is no hazard that bronze has been used to create art for thousands of years. Sculptures housed in museums, such as Donatello’s David, and international icons, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York. And which, thanks to Soher and its catalogue, can provide sophistication and a decidedly artistic vocation to homes and contract spaces throughout the world.