SOHER_Mobiliario-basico-de-una-habitacion-de-hotel-01 A hotel room is much more than a space for resting. It is the place we return to after spending a long day away from home, whether a hard day’s work or a few hours of leisure. It is a home away from home, that welcomes us. The rooms are the soul of the hotel and equipping them with furniture of the highest quality is key to achieving the desired satisfaction of the guest.

Our exclusive distributor in Taiwan, with whom we have maintained a close relationship for over thirty years, has just inaugurated a new showroom space in the heart of Taipei (Taiwan). An environment of matchless splendour where all our creations shine as never before, ready for the visits of influencers and customers who seek excellently-made designer furniture.

 Muebles de lujo en villa Holandesa

Living room

Good taste is a habitual quality among the Dutch, as showed by their peculiar architecture, with their characteristic roofs and numerous big windows. In Holland, one of the most transparent countries in Europe, there are large windows aplenty. The curtains have a merely decorative aim, they haven´t been conceived to hide the interior. The Dutch lead their lives with the curtains wide open, maybe that is the reason why they take the greatest care over interior design, which makes it the ideal context for our interior design experts.