The dignity and proud bearing of such a beautiful animal as the horse serve as the source of inspiration for a collection that transmits a timeless essence. The pieces of the line intended for the dining room are inspired by the warmth of Brazilian ironwood veneer, to provide all the splendour of natural wood.


The sensuality of ebony is combined with that of bird’s eye maple to define the proposal of Equus for executive offices. This is complemented by pieces that include centre tables, consoles and mirrors, which create an unsurpassable patina of sophistication and weightlessness.


The decoration of the Equus line is characterised by its exclusivity. Gold-plated metals and leather upholsteries provide a sign of distinction to each one of its elements. One of the identifying features of the collection is the figure of the horse, made from gold-plated bronze with Swaroski crystals.


The quality of the wood and the gleam of metal and glass are combined in Equus with the leather and velvet upholsteries that adorn the dining chairs and living room suites of the line. An unbeatable proposal for comfort and sophistication that transcends each piece to encompass the whole room.

The loyalty of Soher to its values correlates with the innate fidelity of the horse. For decades we have conserved the essence of craftsmanship, fine materials and skilled work that define not only our brand but each and every one of the pieces to which we give form and life.

Sophistication, authenticity and glamour are a matter of principle for us and they have always guided our path as a brand. A philosophy of luxury, perceived as exclusivity, refined attention to every detail and a personal service adapted to the style and needs of every customer.

Just like a work of art, each of our pieces of furniture is finished with care, skill and minute attention to detail. Pieces created using traditional handcrafted techniques and made to measure for each room, whether for the home or for contract environments, and manufactured with exquisite care. And with the certainty that they will last for ever.

We customize every detail, every space

Our designs are born from the inspiration of great classic and contemporary designs. The work of our master craftsmen allows us to take care of the details and create authentic pieces of art.

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