The Panther collection is daring and has a strong personality. It brings together two styles that reached the height of their popularity in the 1930s – art deco and the art of cut glass by Swarovski. At Soher, we have taken the best aspects of each one to incorporate them into the work of our skilled artisans, resulting in collections such as Panther.

A required visit for those who adore luxury

The production of this collection is based on traditional cabinetmaking skills and therefore we select the best raw materials, the best woods, to enable our master craftsmen to emphasise the details.

Authentic collector’s items

This collection includes imposing pieces of furniture, authentic collector’s items, that make the products of Panther some of the most attractive for those who adore luxury furniture.

Noble materials

Emperador marble, natural ebony veneer, real leather, Swarovski crystals, bronze… All noble raw materials at the disposal of design, to give our ambiences a special distinction.

Luxury dining tables

In the Panther collection we find luxury dining tables, which take centre stage in the room thanks to the careful combination of exquisite woods, such as ebony. The products of this collection incorporate silver- or gold-plated bronze details.


The sophistication of the Panther collection has led us to integrate the technique of gilding in our handcrafted production process, a technique that already forms part of our philosophy. The use of gold leaf in our furniture enables us to combine an ancestral technique with innovative processes for the design of contemporary furniture. This way, every piece achieves the status of a work of art.

The strong personality and boldness apparent in the Panther collection partly originate from its inspiration in the popular design movement known as art deco, which bore a considerable influence on the decorative arts between 1920 and 1939.

The bedrooms of the Panther collection are defined by the use of ebony, silver-plated bronze details and the incorporation of Swarovski crystals, giving the room an elegance and distinction that are hard to match.


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