The Ritz collection, luxury furniture reminiscent of the Belle Epoque

Ritz represents sophisticated luxury furniture, exclusivity, good taste and personalised attention. And it shares the philosophy and values of César Ritz, whose surname became synonymous with luxury hotels for the most discerning clients.

High-class decoration

Ritz was a pioneer in the installation of bathrooms in hotel rooms, a revolutionary initiative that was considered, at the time, the height of comfort and exclusivity. His seal of identity consisted of luxury furniture and high-class decoration which included the best woods, gilded mirrors and details in bronze.


La Belle Epoque

This elegant style spread to the homes of the nobility and became one of the greatest architectural and decorative exponents of the Belle Époque.


At Soher we share the principles of Ritz hotels with regard to our refined taste and the personal attention we give our customers. Thus, our Ritz collection comprises exclusive pieces of luxury furniture, of the highest quality and handmade by our master craftsmen.

High-end furniture 

Our flexible and customised way of working allows us to adapt this high-end furniture to the needs and tastes of our customers, designing specific decorative projects.


Our Ritz collection pays homage to the essence and sophistication of the hotels of the same name. Made from American walnut root veneer, beautiful marquetry and gilded carved wood, this line of luxury furniture succeeds in imbuing living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, around the world, with the magnificence of the decoration of the Belle Époque.

Armchairs, sofas and coffee tables bring into the twenty-first century the spaces used for the discussions and meetings of intellectuals and aristocrats that defined a whole era. An exquisite design and black, red and golden tones aesthetically define the furniture of the Ritz dining room: chairs, tables, sideboards, display cabinets and decorative elements of inimitable sumptuousness.

At Soher, we identify with the figure of César Ritz not only for his style, but also for his entrepreneurial nature and his indomitable spirit, beyond the reach of discouragement, always in search of the exceptional.


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Our company produces a wide range of styles, always paying the greatest attention to detail. If you have an idea, please no not hesitate to contact us.


Ritz transferts the timelessness of classic furniture to the bedroom

The Belle Époque was much more than a historical period of happy years between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and the beginning of the First World War of 1914. They were years that marked a whole era and the influence of this period has survived up to the 21st century, with classic furniture proposals that have preserved their sophisticated and exclusive essence.

César Ritz

Our Ritz collection is inspired precisely by the premises and values of César Ritz, the promoter and creator of the luxury hotels that defined an unparalleled lifestyle and aesthetics.

Visual look

The exclusiveness and elegance that Ritz conveys in our catalogue for lounges and dining rooms now pervades the bedroom with the timelessness of the classic furniture. We have created a continual and homogenous visual look that will turn each home or contract space into somewhere unique and exquisite.



The majestic style of the classic Ritz furniture is expressed in a formidable headboard and a very detailed coffered ceiling to which the padding and upholstery provide just the right level of comfort required by the bedroom at night-time.



The sinuosity and the golden details of the headboard are reproduced in the intricately decorated lamps and the bedside tables on which they stand and their bases ooze with an artisan quality that aspires to the sublime.


The Ritz furniture line shares materials with its bedroom version, to be precise, its American black walnut veneer, its beautiful marquetry and its wood carvings with gold leaf, which make up all the pieces of high class furniture and decoration, including mirrors and dressing tables.

The golden details, in fabrics and legs, are also distinguishing features of the stools and armchairs of this collection, whose aristocratic character is consolidated by soft and serene textiles that enhance all the splendour of the metallic tones.

A dream-like bedroom whose classic and timeless furniture surrounds moments of intimacy with an inimitable and exceptional style.

Discover all our collections

Our company produces a wide range of styles, always paying the greatest attention to detail. If you have an idea, please no not hesitate to contact us.