decoración de ambientes

The art of words

decoración de ambientes

Evocative, suggestive, unique. Words form our collective imagination and give shape to the world around us. Our work goes much further than designing and producing furniture for the decoration of ambiences, finding the specific, appropriate name which manages to transmit all the care that we apply to every piece of furniture and reflect its outstanding qualities.

Dolce Vita, Imperio, Savoy, Ritz, Panther. These are some of the names that we have chosen to describe the sophistication and exclusivity transmitted by each one of our handcrafted pieces.

And, in this case, we would like to explain to you the origin of some of the words that mould the creations of our catalogue and present them in a new light.

The Ritz line for the bedroom and living-dining room shares the values of César Ritz, founder of a series of luxury hotels that defined the lifestyle of the Belle Époque, the era prior to the outbreak of the First World War, which devastated Europe from 1914 to 1918.



His surname became synonymous with luxury furniture and high-end decoration of ambiences which included the best woods, gilded mirrors and bronze details. Qualities that precisely define the collection that bears his name.

Savoy evokes the elegance and warmth of the early 20th century hotels that unfurled their sophistication and freshness from London to Buenos Aires. Exotic woods, sumptuous upholsteries and extremely versatile gleaming finishes reinterpret the art deco style and imbue any living room or bedroom with serenity and a very chic essence.

Literature and cinema, likewise, are a source of inspiration to find terms that manage to define a collection, with all its nuances and qualities.


muebles de alta gama


Avant-garde defines the Metropolis collection, which owes its name to the futurist film by Fritz Lang, which almost a century ago became the standard-bearer of German expressionism.

An avant-garde born of the essence of art-deco and which takes shape in pieces of furniture and haute décor for ambiences that include crown-cut walnut wood, leather and bronze details.

Nature and the animal world form part of the essence of Soher. An essence that not only takes shape in our exquisite bronze sculptures but in the details and designs of two of our collections: Equus and Panther. Steeds and felines make their mark in the features of every piece of furniture and, at the same time, in the name of each line.