How to achieve the right decor to complement your dining room suite



If you are considering giving your home a makeover, with decorative items that complement your dining room suite, we recommend that you follow the advice below to avoid making the wrong choice and to ensure that your luxury furniture shines with more splendour than ever.

With the arrival of the new year, it may be tempting to modify some aspects of your home, especially the ambience of the rooms you use the most, such as the living room and dining room. With the right choice, and an awareness of the details that can enhance your dining room suite, you can renew the aesthetics and spirit of your home.

The furniture designed and manufactured by Soher acts as the perfect canvas, sophisticated and exclusive, and the decorative elements selected should conform to the same sumptuousness.

The selection of works of art on display in your living or dining room can act as a good starting point for your renovation project. Opting for different colours and artistic styles can be a good way of adapting the family aesthetics to the new times.



Flowers and natural motifs are in fashion, whether as natural elements or featured in the wallpaper that covers the walls throughout the house. And they can look fantastic when used to adorn the dining table.

If your aim is to renew the decorative elements of the room, such as lamps and clocks, don’t hesitate to consult our extensive catalogue and the details of our bronze figures, which are works of art in themselves.

Textile decoration, for example, should be given the utmost attention, choosing top-quality materials for curtains and tablecloths, by brands with proven manufacturing processes, the qualities of which are able to withstand the passing of time.

As for colours, bear in mind that, if your wooden furniture has a natural finish, you can choose brown and pastel tones in the same colour family. White and neutral tones enhance the light from the windows, but other, brighter, colours create a very interesting contrast to the dining room suite.

The choice of large, voluminous curtains in sumptuous fabrics can contribute to providing your home with value and beauty, in line with the elegance of Soher’s furniture, objects that are small works of art in themselves. Like the pieces of our new Palace collection for the dining room, living room and bedroom.