Discovering authentic luxury furniture with Soher

A piece of furniture or a decorative item of luxury must be considered as a unique item by itself. Nevertheless, contemplate that this way of thinking requires us to isolate it from its context, the space must cohabit with other elements, This is its dual aesthetic value: as a standalone piece and as part of a composition.

This is why Soher, rather than furniture, prefer to talk about “luxury environments”. A concept of interior design that goes beyond “furniture” to conquer space (or the corner) in order to create the atmosphere of dreams.

Mueble de Lujo

What can we expect from luxury or high-end furniture?

As for the furniture and decoration, there are many aspects that make a difference:

  • Superior quality in raw materials: ebony, hardwoods, gold, Pearl…In Soher it is clear that the materials must be of the highest quality.
  • Mastery in the hands that work: besides the raw materials, the handmade furniture, under the old techniques, passed from generation to generation by master craftsmen, provide superb finishes.
  • Artistic Design: Luxury furniture is not held solely in its functionality: it’s a work of art. Like any object responds to a creative and sensual concept. As in the case of the Equus Collection , inspired by the nobility of a dressage horse.

  • Sophistication: one of the successes in the aesthetic of its pieces is, according to Soher, the perfect balance between classic and new, combining tradition and innovation with elegance as a unifying principle.

  • Exclusivity: Lovers of luxury articles like genuine and unique environments. This is why Soher puts its team of professionals at the disposal of its clients in order to develop distinguished and glamorous environments that are fully customised.

In summation, what makes a piece of furniture into a truly luxurious object is attention to detail, from the conceptualisation and design state, to advice and the search for personalised solutions, exclusively for the client.