SOHER designs IRIS collection with the purpose of bringing a new dimension to our way of working, showing in this new collection decades of experience and artisan knowledge. A new vision of exclusive furniture. Natural ebony wood is the essence of this new collection and, together...

All over the world Ritz is synonym for high-style and luxury, two features that also inspire the homonymous furniture collection from Spain´s luxury decor specialist SOHER. A luxury decoration and furniture line defined by its sophistication. Combining the finest materials with the highest possible standard of...

Lobbies and public areas represent the perfect opportunity for hotels to give their guests a superb first impression. As such, these spaces require maximum care with regard to concept, aesthetics, design and distribution. And the choice of furniture must respond to the essence of exclusivity...

The sophistication and natural charm of our Iris collection brings a touch of distinction to this Middle Eastern residential palace, the interior design of which has combined the personality of this furniture suite to perfection with the arabesque style of the room. The natural ebony enriches...

Wood is synonymous with warmth, naturality and sophistication. And when noble materials are selected, worked with and carefully crafted to create furniture, using traditional processes, the result can only be exquisite pieces. Proof of this is provided by the wooden sideboards of Soher, an undeniable symbol of distinction.

cómo decorar un dormitorio

It is not always easy to design a bedroom to suit our tastes and to furnish it with all the elements we need for our daily life. Therefore, we would like to offer you some tips on how to decorate a bedroom with style.

tu mueble

Wood is the origin of everything in Soher, the raw material that we select, work with and care for to create every item of our furniture. It is this wood that determines the appearance and characteristics of each piece. We would like to help you find out more about the types of wood we work with at Soher and the qualities of your furniture, depending on the wood it is made from.

diseño de interiores Each New Year arrives like a breath of fresh air. The desire to change, to improve and to find ourselves. Our home is a reflection of who we are. That’s why its interior design needs to evolve and adapt to the person we are becoming, with every day that goes by. While at the same time preserving our essence.

decoración de ambientes

Evocative, suggestive, unique. Words form our collective imagination and give shape to the world around us. Our work goes much further than designing and producing furniture for the decoration of ambiences, finding the specific, appropriate name which manages to transmit all the care that we apply to every piece of furniture and reflect its outstanding qualities.

mobiliario exclusivo

Our origins go back to 1942, when Vicent Simó Iborra founded a small family foundry in Torrent (Valencia) to create exquisite bronze sculptures. 76 years later, this passion for luxury and the commitment to well-crafted work continue.

Our company, now run by the third generation of the same family, has grown and evolved to become a reference in the design and manufacture of exclusive luxury furniture and high-end decorative pieces, with most its production being exported to more than fifty different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the Middle East.


If it is true that music and nice words make plants more beautiful, it is highly likely that the work done with tender loving care will always get even better results. When it comes to Soher; the result of this painstaking manual work is our furniture. Handcrafted furniture of intoxicating beauty and unquestionable quality that are our distinguishing features.

Defining exactly where the light of the inspiration comes from is almost an impossible mission although what is absolutely certain is that in the team of Soher creators this spark of creativity has lit up on many occasions. Proof of this is the handcrafted, high quality decor pieces of furniture that are included in our catalogue.

Soher Figuras Bronce Decoracion Chica   It was used to give form to Donatello’s David in the Renaissance and to create the figures that lent sumptuousness to the splendid salons of the Sun King’s Versailles. In the hands of craftsmen and sculptors, bronze – an alloy of copper and tin – became the essence of art.

We start a new year and the goals for 2018 are already noticeable in the environment, above all it is th moment when we look for a change of scenery to start the new year in a different way, trying to be open to all the new things that are possible and that come into our life.

There are a few days left before the end of the year and our Soher luxury furniture has enjoyed a very successful 2017, thanks to our demanding and constant work to offer our clients the very highest quality in our products. Looking back at our journey as a company in the luxury furniture sector, we are happy with how the year went. We have taken part in two international luxury trade fairs and we have designed new luxury collections, two fundamental achievements that deserve mention.

alta decoracion In the very middle of summer, we can’t think about anything other than places that offer coolness and sophistication at the same time. To do this, so that you can surround yourself with new trends in high-end décor in August, at Soher we are going to give you some recommendations for some of our luxury furnishings for your living room, selected from our Savoy collection.

Luxury occasional tables are the perfect choice when you wish to provide the decor of a house or business with a renewed and sophisticated air. On the arrival of good weather, our desire to see changes in our surroundings increases, and, as such, we at Soher would like to illustrate some of our most special occasional coffee tables designed to make your indoor environment the ideal place for enjoying yourself. muebles auxiliares de lujo

Art Deco’s avant-garde and elegance take shape in the exceptional METROPOLIS luxury chairs, the latest handmade Soher’s collection. We often forget chair’s relevance as an essential part of our home furniture as well as an outstanding element in decorative arts. It is such an everyday object that few know of its distinguished origins. luxury chairs

The living room is one of the places we use the most in the home, the place where the whole family gathers together, where we receive the visits and relax after a long day. Normally, we look for warm, practical and functional living rooms, but at times we prefer to focus on the decoration and create a sophisticated atmosphere, with great design furniture, delicate finishes and exquisite complements.

A home’s living room has become an essential space which deserves to inspire a tranquillity and elegance character of its own, and at Soher we have successfully reproduced, today and always, this essence in each of our collections.

Soher presents Ritz, its new luxury furniture collection honouring the greatest hotel firm of all times.

Luxurious is opposite to common; the feeling of being one more number. And César Ritz was clear about it. That is why at Ritz every guest was treated as a regular client with years and years of personal relationship with the hotel's staff, even if they had never set foot on one of the chain's hotels before. No wonder notes were taken on each client's tastes and preferences, many of them high society personalities, to offer a strictly personalised service.

Gold leaf stands on a privileged position in the making of luxury furnishings and fine decoration pieces. We invite you to discover its unique beauty. Civilizations rise and fall, but there is something common to all of them: the value which at all times and in...