Equus, a collection basedon nobility

The Equus collection from Soher,which triumphs around the world, is inspired by a dressage horse.

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From where did the inspiration come to create a collection of luxury furniture like those of Soher?

The idea may come from any source. It may come from a historical period, like the Royale or Imperio collections or a mythical place or that which tantalises the imagination, such as the Belle Époque or Panther collections; a form of seeing life or an exclusive setting, as it was with the case of the Dolce Vita and Origins collections. Also the nobility of horses inspires the furniture of the Equus collection from Soher

Coleccion Equus

Equus, one of the most successful collections of Soher’s luxury furniture in recent times, evokes the elegance, nobility, strength and dynamism of horses. A faithful animal unlike many that has accompanied and helped humans for thousands of years. All of this is reflected in Excalibur, a dressage horse, five years owned by Francisco Simo (Soher Manager) whose path trajectory runs parallel to the success of the Equus collection.

When one glimpses Excalibur, making its first steps in the ring, one appreciates the beauty, glamour and elegance projected by its vigorous demeanour. Exactly the same happens when ones gaze travels over the decorated spaces with the high-class furniture of the Equus collection, made with selected woods and dignified materials.


Contemplating Excalibur while he performs a walking exercise, trot or gallop is a pleasure for the senses. Despite its imposing figure, the horse responds with agility and precision to the wishes of the rider, to the point of seeming fend for himself. Likewise, the Equus furniture collection combines extraordinary strength with refined inlays and hand-made reliefs also finished in gold and silver, pearls or skins, which print harmony and lightness onto the pieces.

Excalibur has excelled in the final season of dressage for its consistency, always ranking among the top and drawing stares and comments of professionals and experts in the sector. Exactly the same happens when the Equus collection is exhibited in big luxury furniture events, such as the Salone Internazionale Mobile Milano, the Saloni Worldwide Moscow or the Hábitat 2015 exposition.


Although it does not take an expert to enjoy a work of art. The public of dressage competitions are captivated by the charisma of Excalibur and the demonstrated ability to manage any situation. In the same way, customers have chosen the Equus collection as one of their favourites, and is already present in some of the most distinguished environments. Excalibur and Equus are two references in their areas that are sure to continue reaping success in the future.


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