Know-how and craftsmanship create unique pieces of furniture


If it is true that music and nice words make plants more beautiful, it is highly likely that the work done with tender loving care will always get even better results. When it comes to Soher; the result of this painstaking manual work is our furniture. Handcrafted furniture of intoxicating beauty and unquestionable quality that are our distinguishing features.

Defining exactly where the light of the inspiration comes from is almost an impossible mission although what is absolutely certain is that in the team of Soher creators this spark of creativity has lit up on many occasions. Proof of this is the handcrafted, high quality decor pieces of furniture that are included in our catalogue.

Designers, sculptors, decorators and craftsmen work hard daily, with perseverance and excitement, to make progress, to come up with a unique and unrepeatable piece of furniture, to capture it in sketches, structure it in scale models and finally, make it life-size, paying attention to every single detail with their own hands.


With the experience acquired over 75 years of work, our handcrafted furniture has always been distinguished thanks to the exquisite attention to detail, the love conveyed by each and every one of the professionals who work for Soher.

This manual and artisan work, from the design to the final finish, has met its match in the raw materials used that truly convey the Soher philosophy of luxury: exclusive hardwoods, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, top class leathers, excellent bronzes and gold leaf and silver finishes. An exquisite selection of materials that create unique and unrepeatable pieces of furniture for the home.

The team of Soher designers makes wood furniture that brings together artistic tradition with the cutting edge trends in interior design and decoration, creating unique, delicate and exclusive atmospheres, capable of evoking the splendour of years gone by, with the best materials and artisans, filling contemporary environments with their essence.

Each of our handcrafted, high class decor pieces of furniture testify a passion for a job well done, which is invulnerable to the passing of time and essential and inseparable from Soher.