Gold leaf on contemporary luxury furniture

Gold leaf stands on a privileged position in the making of luxury furnishings and fine decoration pieces. We invite you to discover its unique beauty.

Civilizations rise and fall, but there is something common to all of them: the value which at all times and in all places is given to gold. And one of the techniques used to cover with gold all kinds of surfaces, from the bronze statues in ancient times to Gustav Klimt’s contemporary paintings, is gold leaf.

In Egypt, they would use it to embellish decorative elements linked to the pharaoh’s sumptuous life. Gold was also the colour of Gods for the Greeks and the Sumerians. In China and the medieval and Renaissance Europe, gold leaf also played a notable role.

Gold leaf technique in interior design and decoration

Wood, bronze, construction materials… Gold leaf can be applied to a great variety of surfaces.

It comes in booklets containing between 20 and 25 leaves, with a measure of 5 x 5 or 8 x 8 cm. Traditionally, it was made by hammering gold sheets between pieces of sheepskin and ox intestines, until they became 0,006 mm. thin. Today, the artisan procedure has allied with the latest modern techniques.

Water gilding”, “oil gilding” or “mordant gilding” (with mixtion varnish, nowadays), were some of the techniques which made it possible for it to adhere to different surfaces.

Depending on the processes used, and the karats, the process reveals, at different degrees, all the greatness of the finest of metals.

Quality and distinction in luxury furniture

At Soher, gold leaf belongs to our philosophy, which is no other than giving our clients the noblest and highest quality materials.

mueble de lujo mueble de lujo

Using gold leaf on our luxury furniture makes possible the combination of a millenary technique with the most innovative designs on modern furniture, elevating each piece to the category of art.