Hign-end decoration for the summer with Savoy

alta decoracion

In the very middle of summer, we can’t think about anything other than places that offer coolness and sophistication at the same time. To do this, so that you can surround yourself with new trends in high-end décor in August, at Soher we are going to give you some recommendations for some of our luxury furnishings for your living room, selected from our Savoy collection.


We love to put this category of Savoy high-end pieces in the spotlight because the pieces of side furniture in this collection are the most sophisticated in our catalogue. Their design and colours transport us to a magical and highly sophisticated environment. Side tables, coffee tables, either option is good if you are looking to add an avant-garde and stylish touch.

mesas de lujo


Savoy offers the potential to combine all of its options to achieve a living room with truly luxurious high-end décor. Inject freshness into your place of rest and relax in these marvellous designer pieces.

The set of Savoy armchairs and sofas stand out due to their elegance and comfort. Match them with a Savoy side table and the result will be impeccable.

alta decoracion

Breathe new life into your interiors and feel a different sensation with our Soher recommendations.