Ideal spaces to light the luxury furniture of Soher

Any corner is worthy of being adorned with high-end furnishings; but some areas call for particular attention to make them authentic environments of luxury and distinction.

We all have an area of which we like to look after in a special way. A place where we surrender ourselves to reflect, relax, or where we love to dazzle our guests with good conversation in an atmosphere of unrivalled elegance and sophistication.

But there are certain areas that should always be adorned with the most exclusive pieces of interior design and decoration.

Spaces to devote to good taste in interior design and decoration

The most special corners and areas of the home can be covered with some of Soher’s exclusive pieces, which more than furniture, represent authentic objects of worship for lovers of luxury.

The most appropriate piece for each nook depends on customer preference, and other decoration spaces of the residence. This is not prevented, however, so that the reader can dream of some of the true masterpieces that Soher offers to transform spaces into luxurious environments.

 1. The hall is not always given the attention it deserves; it is the part of the house that provides a first impression to visitors, and deserves attention to detail. Reserve a corner of the hall for a very elegant console like that of the Empire collection, accompanied by its imposing mirror, and crowned with one of Soher’s classical bronze figures, it will astound your most distinguished friends.


2. The living room is the most important part of the home, and as such, deserves to convey a majestic air, conferring with the glamorous dining table and chairs of the Royale Collection.spain luxury furniture

3. The office, a place for inspiration and sobriety where important decisions are made, deserves a formal writing desk like that of the Louvre collection, guarded by two imposing bronze sphinxes.

luxury furniture

4.  A bedroom for relaxation, privacy and confidentiality, and to create an environment with its own personality in this special part of the house, we have, for example, the majestic bed from the Panther collection, the beautiful pure ebony dressing table, or its refined brunch benches.


furniture spain

At Soher, we are pleased to have contributed to creating, with our full team of professionals, the most elegant and distinguished spaces that lovers of luxury can dream of, in private homes, institutional buildings, luxury hotels, embassies or even palaces.