diseño de interiores

The purity of the materials and the fusion of styles, trends in 2019

diseño de interiores

Each New Year arrives like a breath of fresh air. The desire to change, to improve and to find ourselves. Our home is a reflection of who we are. That’s why its interior design needs to evolve and adapt to the person we are becoming, with every day that goes by. While at the same time preserving our essence.

In 2019, the trends in decoration in the luxury segment are all about the fusion of styles and elements and a decided commitment to the purity of quality materials, in line with the work philosophy that has been the hallmark of Soher for more than seventy years.

Our interior design proposals seek the harmony that comes from our quality raw material. Conceived from materials used to create furniture and decorative elements, but also from walls, floors and ceilings, in which textiles, wood, stone and concrete are to the fore.


This fusion of styles will predominate in 2019, with trends that will range from the exoticism of Middle Eastern carpets to the naturalness of indoor plants and traditional pottery, not to mention the Neo Classic, an option which is gaining strength. This style of interior design features a combination of marble, wood and precious metals that radiates luxury and glamour. High-end materials that bring harmony and warmth and are complemented by warm velvets.

A highly fashionable aesthetic that is evolving in line with the latest additions to our furniture catalogue: Ritz and Savoy. Two collections that exude sophistication and a renewed essence, preserving the traditional values of our brand.



Grey, ochre, terracotta, pink and purple are the in colours in 2019. A few chromatic options that convey elegance and serenity and fit perfectly with the hand crafted furniture that we create in Soher.

Furniture that generates pleasant sensations and feelings, creating environments tailored to each home, each room and each family, based on personalised interior design. Furniture in which elegance and distinction are guaranteed.