Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to our new website!

We would like to welcome you to Soher’s new digital home. An online portal that we have created with enormous enthusiasm to bring us closer to you all.

Using a simple and intuitive web design, we have set out to make things easier for you, to enable you to discover every detail of our collections. This highly visual structure gives all our lines the importance they deserve.

We have managed to bring together on this web page all the furniture and elements of each one of our lines, which we create from top quality materials and in which we apply all our passion and the know-how of our artisans, the result of decades of experience.

Do not hesitate to browse through this page, which we have created especially for you. You can opt to select different product sections, whether furniture or decorative objects. In the collections section, you can explore all our furniture lines, which we have grouped under the headings of classic and contemporary.

As well as presenting our company, our products and our values, we want to show you everything we are capable of. In the projects section you can see the results of our efforts: spaces throughout the world that we have decorated from top to bottom with impeccably made, sophisticated furniture.

And, of course, we will keep you up to date with our news.

Welcome, in short, to a digital space that opens the door to a closer and more personal relationship with all our friends, partners and customers. We are delighted with the result and we hope it will help you get to know us a little better.