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The bed

An essential piece in the bedroom

The bed is one of the essential pieces of the bedroom. At Soher we manufacture luxury beds to equip these rooms and give them the highest distinction. Aristocratic headboards, avant-garde aesthetics, high-end furniture for unique bedrooms.



At Soher we think that bedrooms are much more than just a place for rest. They are the soul of the house and we offer our bed collections to provide them with the greatest warmth. A careful selection of woods enables us to produce unique headboards.

Savoy Collection

The bedroom of the Savoy collection by Soher represents another step forward in the evolution of our brand. Noble materials, together with curvaceous lines, enable us to offer wraparound headboards.

Ritz Collection

The Ritz collection takes the timelessness of classic furniture to the bedroom. Its aristocratic style is apparent in an imposing headboard and refined carving. Its padding and upholstery make it sublime.

Astoria Collection

In the bedrooms of the Astoria collection the geometric lines evoke the essence and attention to detail reminiscent of art deco. The upholstered headboards take centre stage.

Metropolis Collection

The Metropolis collection also unfurls its essence and sophistication in the bedroom. The pieces for the bedroom offer a contrast between the light tones of the leather and the dark shades of the wood.

Exclusive materials

Crown-cut walnut wood, bronze decorations, black ebony, luxurious velvet upholstery accompanied by metallic details are some of the materials we use in Soher to manufacture the best luxury beds, as well as the sumptuous headboards that give these special bedroom pieces their personality.

Great variety of collections

The manufacture of luxury beds by Soher forms part of our history. We have attended to this exclusive element of the room from the outset. We offer a wide variety of collections to facilitate the choice of bedroom best suited to your tastes and requirements, always made from the best, top quality materials.


Locally manufactured

The manufacturing process of our luxury beds involves all the experience acquired since the company was founded. We incorporate in the creative stage aspects such as elegance, refinement and passion to achieve unique, handmade pieces, to bring an aristocratic ambience to the most exclusive rooms, with the aid of ancestral craft techniques.


Craftsmanship and detail in every surface

At Soher, draughtsmen, sculptors, decorators and artisans form a team. Starting with sketches and models, the final result is a series of unique pieces, made by hand. True works of art.