Luxury tables

Timeless luxury tables

from classic to contemporary

At Soher, luxury is apparent in all the furniture of the collection and our luxury tables are a good example of this. They include the details and rich finishes that distinguish our firm to bring exclusivity to any room.

Dining and coffee tables

We bring together tradition and evolution to create imposing dining and coffee tables that transmit beauty, glamour and elegance. Tables that form part of larger collections in which all the products share the same essence, style and formal rigour.

Palace Collection

The Palace collection includes different types of luxury tables in its dining room and sitting room suites.

Ritz Collection

Centre, coffee, dining and occasional tables form part of this collection for dining rooms, sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Astoria Collection

The luxury dining and coffee tables of the Astoria collection retain the same characteristics of style and beauty as the other pieces of this collection.

Earth Collection

White and mahogany tones for this collection of furniture for the dining room and sitting room.

Metropolis Collection

The Metropolis collection includes various types of luxury table in different versions.

Equus Collection

A classic furniture collection with details in all its products.

Savoy Collection

The sophistication of classic Hollywood permeates all the tables of the Savoy collection.

Panther Collection

Daring and with a strong personality, all the pieces of this collection have character.

Functionality and exclusivity

The luxury tables of Soher reflect a timeless design and offer considerable functionality that enables us to decorate the most elegant rooms. The careful selection of raw materials is one of the hallmarks of Soher, with woods such as ebony, hand carved reliefs, mother-of-pearl inlay, gold and silver leaf finishes, leather and elegant marquetry that bring nobility to each one of our creations.

Coffee and occasional tables

At Soher the collection of luxury tables includes a wide range of models, each one of which has been manufactured with the maximum attention to technical details and aesthetic design. The result of this process is the creation of luxury objects, the hallmark of Soher. Each one of our tables, distinguished and singular, helps to create pleasant surroundings and unforgettable moments spent around the table.

Our particular vision of decoration at Soher also extends to the production of luxury tables, creating unique and exclusive pieces that travel to the leading markets around the world, since they benefit from the prestige of Soher. At Soher, every luxury table is synonymous with beauty, quality and style.

Mesas de centro

Funcionalidad y belleza. Las mesas de centro de los salones son importantes para generar un entorno cómodo y funcional. Las colecciones Palace, Ritz, Earth o Savoy disponen de sus propios modelos.

Mesas de comedor

Las colecciones Palace, Earth, Metrópolis y Astoria de comedor cuentan con distintas opciones de mesas de comedor que encajan a la perfección con el resto de sus productos.

Mesitas de noche

Acabados de pan de oro y plata, o maderas de ébano conforman las distintas mesitas de noche de nuestras colecciones de dormitorio, Ritz y Savoy.

Mesas auxiliares

Mesitas auxiliares que cumplen una función práctica a la vez que bella. Así son en las colecciones Ritz, Earth y Savoy.


Artesanía y detalle en cada superficie

Utilizamos maderas nobles, piedras semipreciosas, cristales swarovski y excelentes bronces. Producimos para nuestros clientes fascinantes muebles que van desde sofás, mesas de centro, de comedor y mesitas de noche hasta sillas, muebles auxiliares, camas y figuras de bronce.