Ritz, the new Soher collection, pays homage to the great hotel chain

Soher presents Ritz, its new luxury furniture collection honouring the greatest hotel firm of all times.

Luxurious is opposite to common; the feeling of being one more number. And César Ritz was clear about it. That is why at Ritz every guest was treated as a regular client with years and years of personal relationship with the hotel’s staff, even if they had never set foot on one of the chain’s hotels before. No wonder notes were taken on each client’s tastes and preferences, many of them high society personalities, to offer a strictly personalised service.


ritz furniture luxury

César Ritz (1850-1918) was the tenth son of a humble Swiss family. In his first job as a waiter, the innkeeper told him that he would never learn the hotel business because he wasn’t skilled at it. As if he had decided to contradict him, Ritz became the kings and the nobility’s hotelier. He revolutionized the sector, turning the hotel service into a luxury product.

Ritz was the first to install toilets inside the hotel rooms, which was something amazingly innovative, considered as the pinnacle of comfort and luxury at the time. The grand furniture pieces with the best woods, the golden mirrors or the bronze details were just a few of the furnishing elements which quickly set a trend, being imitated by the elite at their homes. The Ritz hotels were real stately mansions (For example, Madrid’s Ritz is considered one of the greatest exponents of Belle Epoque architecture in the city).

Soher’s Ritz collection rescues the comfort and luxury philosophy of the hotel chain

At Soher we share Ritz hotels’ idiosyncrasy, in good taste matters as well as in the personalised service to clients. That is why we always create exclusive pieces of the best quality and handmade by our master craftsmen, and we make compositions adapted to the taste of our clients with the decoration projects we carry out.

For all these reasons, we have wished to pay a heartfelt homage to Ritz hotels with this top of the range furniture collection. American walnut tree root veneer, beautiful marquetry and wood carving with gold leaf are only some of the many details with which we have wished to capture the magnificence in decoration this hotel chain has always displayed.



In the same way, we identify ourselves with Ritz, the founder, who embodies the enterprising spirit which also defines our brand. A spirit which discards the ordinary and aims to reach the sublime.

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