SALON, The prestigious interior design magazine, is reporting on Panther Collection.

Salon_03La revista rusa SALON se hace eco de la colección Panther

Soher occupies a distinguished place on the renowned interior design publication SALON interior. Panther, one of the most appealing collections for those luxury furniture lovers, is the protagonist of their special mention in their magazine.

Warranting the highest quality in our handmade furniture pieces and paying close attention to every small detail is what has made us worth the international recognition we enjoy today at Soher. This one time, it has been SALON interior, a Russian publication specialized in interior design, which has opened the doors of the edition to us, thus letting their readers learn about our work.

The article gives voice to Francisco Simó Rayo, Soher manager, who explains SALON readers the concepts and materials which inspire and materialize Panther collection.

Panther, art deco style and latest trends in interior design at the service of elegance.

La revista rusa SALON se hace eco de la colección Panther

The Russian SALON magazine participated in the recent I Saloni Worlwide Moscow fair last October, together with Equus, another one of our genuine collections.

Emperador marble, natural ebony veneer, natural leather, Swarovski crystals, bronze… Noble raw materials at the service of design.

All the glamour and avant-garde style of Art Deco, which defined so much the lines of last century’s 20s and 30s, together with the latest trends in interior design and luxury furniture.

Each of the collection’s pieces is being watched over by a panther’s head, an animal with a slender figure and elegance in its movements, symbol of the collection.

From Soher we want to thank SALON magazine team for its mention and impeccable work.