Our origin, our most sought-after collections. Furniture in a classic style inspired by great classic movements. Luxury and distinction in unique pieces.


The Majestic Collection, where American walnut burl veneer meets the artistry of hand-carved details in antiqued gold leaf. Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable finishes that define this extraordinary collection.

Colecciones contemporáneas


The Palace collection includes furniture for the dining room, sitting room and bedroom that bring their aristocratic aura to the home. American walnut and myrtle burlwood veneers serve as the starting point for a collection with which any home or contract space can be dressed from top to bottom.


Ritz represents sophisticated luxury furniture, exclusivity, good taste and personalised attention. And it shares the philosophy and values of César Ritz, whose surname became synonymous with luxury hotels for the most discerning clients.


Ritz Dormitorio

La colección Ritz dormitorio está inspirada en las premisas y valores de César Ritz, quien fuera impulsor y artífice de los hoteles de lujo que definieron —en aquellos felices años de entreguerras— un estilo de vida y una estética inigualables, que hoy en día muchos añoran.

We customize every detail, every space

Our designs are born from the inspiration of great classic and contemporary designs. The work of our master craftsmen allows us to take care of the details and create authentic pieces of art.