Soher’s luxury bedrooms: atmospheres to dream

The bedroom is the ideal space to combine comfort and elegance, creating a cosy and comforting atmosphere which should not contradict exclusivity and atention to detail. Discover Soher’s luxury bedrooms: true places to dream.

It is the place where days start and end, lovers’ playground, an intimacy sanctuary. The bedroom is that place for healing and rest where we gather our strength to face the day.

Few spaces are as special in our lifes as bedrooms are. They are full of secrets, confidence, passions and, how wouldn’t they…?, of dreams. It is a special spot in the home, and that is the reason why its furnishing and decoration must be carefully done.

We have made a selection of some of the most luxurious and amazing bedrooms of our collections.

Soher’s top luxury bedrooms

An example of exquisite decorating and first quality furniture is that of PANTHER collection. Noble woods and materials are at the service of contemporary high-end decoration with Art Deco style. Ebony wood, silver-plated bronze details and Swarovski crystals are just some of the elements which make this bedroom a very cosy and classy place.

Luxury furniture bedroom Panther

Another amazing luxury bedroom from ORÍGENES collection. It brings back all the charm of traditional cabinet making with a classical flavour which connects with Soher brand’s origins, of which we are proud, now and always. Beauty, sophistication and good taste meet at this bedroom which wraps you up in a warm and stately atmosphere.


Taking modernism as one of its inspiration sources, we have DOLCE VITA bedroom. Luxury, distinction and avant-garde dominate the composition: values that come to life thanks to its woods lacqued in white, walnut tree or black, bronze pieces, leathers and high quality fabrics.

Luxury Bedroom Dolce Vita

Last but not least, a top-of-the-range bedroom from METROPOLIS collection. It has been inspired by the famous 20s film, the greatest exponent of German expresionism and Art Deco. One of the most successful collections at the recent international furniture fairs.

Bedroom Metropolis

We hope that you have enjoyed this selection of high-end decorating collections. Soher’s luxury bedrooms: that place where dreams are made.