The bronze age in high-end decorations

Piezas de decoración en BronceBronze is a symbol of luxury and style in whatever environment.

Bronze was first introduced intothe imperial decorations of Hindu craftsmen, where it was used to make bronze sculptures which acted as representations of the Gods. This metal and its use in decorations, either in sculptures or set into highly decorative furniture, have continued to develop over the years with the trends of interior designers. Craftsmen continue to use methods of wax melting, so that the essence of a hand-made item is not lost. The use of bronze in home décor is a trend that has been gaining strength in the last few years, due to its ability to grant a touch of luxury and craftsmanship to a home. Bronze pieces will perfectly match any décor that is already present in the home.

There are many manufactures and designers that have understood the beauty that this particular material brings to a luxurious environment, those of which have spent a countless number of hours thinking, planning and weighing up every aspect and detail of each of the bronze sculptures, which are then incorporated into environments of luxury, beauty and sophistication, making them both unique and personal.

At Soher we are proud of the work we perform, handcrafted high-end décor with elements of bronze, where every item is hand-made by our team of talented craftsmen.