The Classics: All of the elegance and luxury in a timeless collection

All of the luxury of the Empire, Neoclassical and Elizabethan styles comes to life in a collection that reflects the appreciation of art and entrepreneurship of Soher’s signature.

The glory of neoclassicism, the solemnity of the Imperium style, and the dominion of Elizabethan furniture inspire “The classics”. Great styles of the past that fuse and converge, nonetheless preserving its purity, and in the hands of both designers and master cabinetmakers of Soher, are a delight for lovers of luxury and exclusivity.

A timeless collection that will forever remain sheltered from kitsch and fads, and that enhances values of solid and lasting beauty and distinction over time.

spain furniture

The attention to detail: the secret of this luxury furniture collection

As in any work, worthy of receiving the stamped signature of Soher, the pieces of Classic Furniture and are made of the most noble materials, handcrafted by the best master cabinetmakers following techniques and artisanal methods with centuries of antiquity behind them.

Standing out for its striking artisanal inlay refinement, so representative of the Elizabethan style, combining mahogany, ebony, sycamore and olive tree in the very elegant dining tables and pedestal tables collection.


The carvings are also worthy of mention and recognition. Finished with gold leaf, they are very present in other parts, such as precious mirrors and even in the stunning sofas of the collection. One element, the gold leaf, bringing a touch of glamor and gallantry to the hardwoods: Soher’s distinctive indisputable quality of craftsmanship.


Beauty, elegance, and sophistication in a luxury furniture collection: where every piece is unique on its own.