What are the qualities of the wood your furniture is made from?

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Wood is the origin of everything in Soher, the raw material that we select, work with and care for to create every item of our furniture. It is this wood that determines the appearance and characteristics of each piece. We would like to help you find out more about the types of wood we work with at Soher and the qualities of your furniture, depending on the wood it is made from.

At Soher, we mould an extensive variety of exclusive and exotic woods but, in this case, we wish to focus on three: walnut, birch and ebony. Three types of natural material that, in the hands of our craftsmen, become luxury pieces of furniture.

The American walnut that we find in collections such as Palace forms part of an extensive family – there are nearly 30 types of walnut wood – which grows in Europe and the United States, as well as in Central America and part of South America. Thanks to the physical qualities of walnut, your furniture may present tones ranging from light to very dark brown.

In Soher, we use walnut wood for many of our collections, owing to its qualities and its sophisticated aesthetics. Furthermore, it is affected it to a much lesser extent than other types of wood by changes in temperature and humidity.


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Birch, which is one of the identifying features of our Earth line, is a very fine and light-coloured wood that is widely used in cabinetmaking and it played a leading role at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries in styles such as Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Its appearance is uniform and it is used in the manufacture of quality furniture and for indoor carpentry, such as mouldings and skirting boards. Birch is especially abundant in Northern Europe, from the United Kingdom to Russia.

Ebony is greatly appreciated for its quality and its dark tone. Originating in the southern part of the African continent, its name gives rise to the Spanish word for cabinetmaking, “ebanistería”, and it is a wood that has been widely used since the times of the Egyptian civilisation.

The most notable characteristic of your furniture, if it is made from ebony, is its dark, almost black colour and its stability, giving rise to its habitual use in the creation of top-of-the-range furniture. It is also used in the manufacture of musical instruments, including piano keys.

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