Wooden sideboards, a symbol of distinction

Wooden sideboards

Wooden sideboards, a symbol of distinction

Wood is synonymous with warmth, naturality and sophistication. And when noble materials are selected, worked with and carefully crafted to create furniture, using traditional processes, the result can only be exquisite pieces. Proof of this is provided by the wooden sideboards of Soher, an undeniable symbol of distinction.

Each one of these pieces is the culmination of decades of skilled craftsmanship and knowhow, dedicated to the care of wood and the shaping of metal. Our display cases, moreover, incorporate glass to enable their contents to be viewed from the outside. 

Wooden sideboards bring sophistication to any space and they look perfect in every room. Halls, sitting rooms, dining rooms and family rooms can be imbued with the elegance that emanates from the wooden sideboards of Soher, exclusive and inspiring.


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On our new website, you can discover pieces of furniture that reveal authentic, unequalled craftsmanship. A portal where you can ascertain all the details of our classic and contemporary collections.

Lines such as Palace and Ritz transmit an aristocratic essence that is patent in all their pieces, which include sideboards made from fine hardwoods. American walnut and myrtle burlwood veneer are the foundation for Palace.

Whilst, in Ritz, American walnut root veneer is combined with beautiful marquetry, carved wood and gold leaf to create pieces that bring the spirit of the Belle Époque into the twenty-first century.



Ritz and Palace are just two of the sophisticated lines of luxury furniture that we create day after day with the utmost care and attention, and with the skilled craftsmanship that distinguishes us. With our new website, we want to show you our pieces of furniture and high-end decorative elements, but we also aspire to share with you our values, our philosophy and the projects we have completed around the world.

Attractive and exclusive spaces in which our furniture shines in all its splendour.