Top-quality materials combined with a timeless design to create items of high-end decoration that convert the living room or dining room into an oasis of sumptuous sophistication and unmistakable aesthetics.


Available in two versions, American walnut and birch veneer, the focus of this exclusive line of furniture is on its attention to detail, its finishes, the select choice of materials, its exquisite design and the traditional craftsmanship applied in the manufacturing process.

«Arabesque» style

Earth includes circular coffee tables in two sizes, with a marble top resting on a star-studded “arabesque” inspired metal structure, which serves as the base.


These sinuous lines are transmitted in turn to armchairs, in light tones, and to soft sofas upholstered in quality nubuck. And they combine with the straight contours of the wooden tables, circular and square, in two tones, that complement this collection.

The exclusive pieces of the Earth collection transcend the living room and imbue the dining room with their classic elegance, thanks to soft, padded chairs, with and without armrests, defined by curved lines that also inspire the elliptical silhouette of the centre table and the rounded outlines of sideboards and display cabinets.

Created from quality materials, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be revealed, these compositions combine functionality with an unmistakable sophistication that is carried to their intricate bronze handles. Handles crafted with care and detail and plated in bronze, emphasising the elegance of the furniture.

At Soher we specialise in exclusive furniture and haute décor, therefore we have complemented this line of furniture with luxury decorative pieces that perfectly suit the Earth aesthetic. Vases and lamps that accompany and adorn this line and provide an unmistakable halo in any space.

We customize every detail, every space

Our designs are born from the inspiration of great classic and contemporary designs. The work of our master craftsmen allows us to take care of the details and create authentic pieces of art.