The skilled artisans of Soher have made it possible for us to talk about the history of Soher the company. Our history. With more than 75 years of experience we are still dedicated to classic, luxury furniture and high-end decoration. At Soher we manufacture every piece by combining the best of traditional craft techniques with avant-garde trends in interior design and decoration, to create unique, delicate and exclusive ambiences for our customers.

The origins of our company go back to 1942 when, starting with a small family foundry, Vicent Simó founded the company in the Valencian town of Torrent (Spain). His aim was to create exquisite bronze sculptures. Right from the outset, the company was fuelled by a passion for luxury together with the commitment to produce impeccable work.

The same principles of the company that, today, allow us to enjoy international prestige, vouched for by our exclusive clients in more than fifty countries, to whom we offer our furniture collections and decorative pieces in classic designs, as well as hand chiselled sculptures, traditionally crafted clocks and elegant lamps. All produced by the company, with which to transmit an aura of distinction to every room.

Our history

Soher has become the company it is today thanks to a long track record. We are able to achieve genuine and sophisticated products in each one of our collections, always loyal to our commitment to quality, thanks to the skill of our artisans and the talent and hard work of all the other professionals who form part of Soher, all of whom give cohesion to the third generation of the founding family.


At Soher, draughtsmen, sculptors, decorators and artisans work each day to create unique and unrepeatable pieces of furniture, draughting sketches, building models, to subsequently manufacture the final piece, caring for every detail by hand.

As in a traditional workshop, skilled artisans work on every piece, preserving for history the trades of traditional crafts and fine cabinetmaking. The result is an elegant, unique piece of furniture, with carefully fashioned details, carved by hand along timeless lines. Just like a work of art, every piece of furniture created by Soher is craftsmanship.

Their finishes incorporate care, skill and attention to detail. The pieces are made to measure for every room, whether for the home or for contract spaces, with exquisite care in their manufacture that enables us to guarantee their long durability.


The best materials

Our work begins with the selection of the best materials, the most noble, including ebony, American walnut, olive, rosewood, birch, semiprecious stones, Swaroski crystals, quality leather, gold and silver leaf finishes and, of course, our excellent bronzes. Materials selected for their unique character and their capacity to survive the passing of time in optimum conditions.

Discover all our collections

Our company produces a wide range of styles, always paying the greatest attention to detail. If you have an idea, please no not hesitate to contact us.


The craftsmanship offered by Soher in its products is present in more than fifty countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the Middle East. From the first sketch to the final product, every specific project exudes sensitivity and a personal focus, thanks to the flexibility of a production process that includes the design, manufacture and installation of furniture.


Our collections are inspired by classic European styles from isabelline to art deco, neoclassical and avant-garde, creating elegant and exquisite collections for bedrooms, offices, sitting rooms, dining rooms and contract spaces throughout the world. Our work combines timeless concepts without losing sight of evolving trends,

and the result of this fusion is the creation of a unique and very personal aesthetic. A style and a range of pieces that have decorated, among others, the Governmental Palace of Prince Khalid Al Faisal, governor of Jeddah and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of the Interior of Kuwait and the Westin Dubai Al Habtoot City Hotel.



Sophistication, authenticity and glamour are matters of principle for Soher and they have always guided our steps as a brand. A philosophy of luxury, understood as exclusivity, refined attention to every detail and a fully personalised service in line with the style and requirements of every client.