Luxury sofa


from classic to contemporary

Warmth and comfort are perfectly integrated in the luxury sofa collections of Soher. Handcrafted pieces with unique finishes that bring personality and distinction to the room.



Soher participates in the decoration of numerous public and private projects such as hotels, residences, presidential offices and embassies. We are present on every continent. In these projects the sofas of Soher are present in the different rooms.

Palace Collection

The sofas of the Palace collection offer quality and sophistication. The use of printed velvet is one of the possibilities, all elegant and aristocratic, of this collection.

Ritz Collection

The Ritz collection offers exclusive sofas with the best qualities. All of our pieces are handmade. This collection pays homage to the essence and sophistication initiated by César Ritz.

Metropolis Collection

Authentic craftsmanship and exceptional designs for the sofas of the Metropolis collection, which features pieces in a contemporary style.

Savoy Collection

The sofas of the Savoy collection are defined by their elegance and comfort. Pieces that combine elegance and sophistication and, at the same time, bring freshness to the room.

Astoria Collection

The Astoria sofa collection offers beauty and comfort.

Earth Collection

Exclusive furniture inspired by the details and splendour of nature.

Equus Collection

Authentic craftsmanship and exceptional designs for the sofas of the Equus collection.

Panther Collection

The sofas of Panther define the essence of this art deco inspired collection.


American walnut and myrtle burlwood veneers, printed velvet, a wide range of tones, exotic woods, rich upholsteries, glossy lacquers. We can find all of these in the luxury sofa collections of Soher. Pieces that form part of different collections in Soher, with which any room can be furnished with style.

A wide variety of options

The luxury sofas of Soher are essential pieces with which to dress any room that we wish to imbue with singularity and distinction. Available in a wide variety of tones, ranging from apparent neutrality to intense and alluring colours to enjoy moments of relaxation or distended conversations.

In the manufacture of our luxury sofas, Soher benefits from the experience of a multidisciplinary team of professionals inspired by nature and its splendour and the classic elegance of the lines. The result is a range of soft and comfortable sofas in a wide variety of leather upholsteries that become the perfect ally in any room.


Artesanía y detalle en cada superficie

Utilizamos maderas nobles, piedras semipreciosas, cristales swarovski y excelentes bronces. Producimos para nuestros clientes fascinantes muebles que van desde sofás, mesas de centro, de comedor y mesitas de noche hasta sillas, muebles auxiliares, camas y figuras de bronce.