Soher, a history of luxury, passion and commitment

mobiliario exclusivo

Our origins go back to 1942, when Vicent Simó Iborra founded a small family foundry in Torrent (Valencia) to create exquisite bronze sculptures. 76 years later, this passion for luxury and the commitment to well-crafted work continue.

Our company, now run by the third generation of the same family, has grown and evolved to become a reference in the design and manufacture of exclusive luxury furniture and high-end decorative pieces, with most its production being exported to more than fifty different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the Middle East.



Our exclusive furniture is imbued with a genuine and sophisticated essence and a timeless aura, thanks to a commitment to quality, which stems from the skill and experienced hands of our artisans and the work and talent of numerous other professionals with whom we work every day.

We believe in the maximum standards of quality, together with the conscientious selection of noble materials, wherein lies the success of our exclusive furniture, the aesthetics of which reflect the care of skilfully crafted production and exceptional marquetry.

The finishes in gold leaf, hand-chiselled bronze and skilled work with crystal and semiprecious stones form part of the history of craftsmanship and innate style of our furniture and our high-end decorative pieces which include clocks, sculptures and lamps.

The selection of wood conveys the sophistication of each piece: from ebony to American walnut, olive and rosewood, all are selected for their unique character and their ability to survive the passing of time in optimum condition.

During these 76 years, we have managed to unite tradition with the latest fashion trends to create unique products full of charm, character and distinction. And we have done so by keeping alive the most exquisite craftsmanship combined with the most advanced technologies of the sector and contemporary design.


muebles y alta decoración


From the first sketch to the final product, each specific project conveys sensitivity and a personal focus, thanks to the flexibility of a production process that includes the design, manufacture and installation of furniture for residential, contract and institutional projects.

In Soher we create an eclectic range of exclusive furniture and accessories inspired by classic European styles, from isabelline to art deco, neoclassical and avant-garde, creating elegant and exquisite collections for bedrooms, offices, sitting rooms, dining rooms and contract spaces around the world.

In our work, enduring themes are combined in a pure and original manner without losing sight of evolving trends, creating a recognisable aesthetic that reinterprets styles with a new focus on forms and materials.

A style and a range of pieces that furnish, among others, the Government Palace of Prince Khalid Al Faisal, governor of Jeddah and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of the Interior of Kuwait and the Westin Dubai Al Habtoot City Hotel.