An elegant high decoration project in Holland

 Muebles de lujo en villa Holandesa

Living room

Good taste is a habitual quality among the Dutch, as showed by their peculiar architecture, with their characteristic roofs and numerous big windows. In Holland, one of the most transparent countries in Europe, there are large windows aplenty. The curtains have a merely decorative aim, they haven´t been conceived to hide the interior. The Dutch lead their lives with the curtains wide open, maybe that is the reason why they take the greatest care over interior design, which makes it the ideal context for our interior design experts.

Luxury furniture Holland

Outside of the House.

At Soher, we have travelled to an idyllic Dutch village with a personality of its own to carry out a decoration project in this stately house, representative of the Netherlander architectonic tradition.

Luxury Hall

Entrance Hall.

In the hall, our team paid special attention to the visual fusion, where the wallpaper merges with the dark marble of the sideboard. The carvings with gold leaf and the mirror carved in Louis XVI style gives the finishing touch.

luxury interiors design

 Luxury furniture dinning

Dining room


One of the great challenges of the project was to combine furniture and decoration pieces from the collections Venezia and Imperio to create a genuine and perfectly harmonious composition. Finally, thanks to the skill and expertise of our design team, the result is an ideal fusion to create elegant and comfortable atmospheres like the one in the dining room.

  luxury furniture living room

Double bedroom

The bedroom provides a cosy and warm atmosphere. Each and every piece in mahogany veneer creates a delicious contrast with the wooden floor. The impeccable marquetry and the decorative elements like the French-style ottoman set a distinctive air.

 luxury furniture

Double bedroom´s dressing room.

  luxury interiors

Resting corner.