Luxury collections


The collections of Soher are synonymous with beauty, quality and style, which we achieve through tradition and the skilled work of our master craftsmen.


The Marquis Furniture Series exemplifies our commitment to creating pieces that transcend trends and stand the test of time. With meticulous attention to detail and the use of the finest materials, we bring you furniture that truly enhances your living spaces and adds a touch of elegance to any interior.

colección Iris


Every piece of the Iris collection suggests elegance and balance. Black ebony is the essence of this line, which is defined by its pure and well-proportioned contours. Iris transmits genuine serenity and sophistication. It combines design and artistic tradition with craftsmanship to create inimitable ambiences.


The collections of Soher are synonymous with beauty, quality and style, which we achieve through tradition and the skilled work of our master craftsmen.


Equus, which evokes the elegance, nobility, strength and dynamism of the horse, is one of the most successful luxury furniture collections of our firm. Few animals are as loyal as the horse, which has accompanied man since time immemorial. Inspired by this worthy animal, the Equus collection combines a sound structure with refined marquetry and hand carved reliefs.

Savoy Dormitorio

The sophistication of classic Hollywood impregnates the Savoy collection with its light tones, exotic woods, rich upholsteries and glossy lacquers that make any home an oasis of warmth, elegance and, at the same time, freshness.


The Earth collection offers an exclusive line of furniture inspired by the details and splendour of nature. Top-quality materials combined with a timeless design to create items of high-end decoration that convert the living room or dining room into an oasis of sumptuous sophistication and unmistakable aesthetics.


Avant-garde aesthetics permeate the Metropolis collection, a line of high-end furniture inspired by the film of the same name that became the greatest exponent of German expressionism in the 1920s. The futurist style based on art deco principles imagined by Fritz Lang takes shape in this collection.


A collection inspired by art deco that oozes sophistication and exquisite good taste from the bedroom to other rooms such as the sitting room and dining room. Art deco was a popular design movement that arose in 1920, which in our firm takes shape in sumptuous, elegant and modernist furniture.


The Panther collection is daring and has a strong personality. It brings together two styles that reached the height of their popularity in the 1930s – art deco and the art of cut glass by Swarovski. At Soher, we have taken the best aspects of each one to incorporate them into the work of our skilled artisans, resulting in collections such as Panther.

We customize every detail, every space

Our designs are born from the inspiration of great classic and contemporary designs. The work of our master craftsmen allows us to take care of the details and create authentic pieces of art.